Once Upon A Time Scene 23

Scene 23

The Greatest Romance – Scene 2

The Prince of Darkness brings the girl to his domain. He has 3 servants, who are obviously very jealous of Isabel. Isabel excitedly introduces herself to the 3 servants. The Prince of Darkness reveals his true character, as he watches the servants pick on Isabel, and start to tear at her new dress. The 3 servants steal her jewelry. Isabel looks to the Prince of Darkness for protection. To her relief, and approaches her, causing the 3 servants to back off. The Prince of Darkness begins to roughly dance with her. Unsure of what he’s doing, Isabel tries to “enter in”. The Prince of Darkness then roughly cast her aside and pushes her into the 3 servants. He watches, and laughs as they tear the new dress off, and beat her up. Isabel falls to the ground, crying. She tries to appeal to the Prince of Darkness, but he pushes her away, indicating that she is now one of his slaves. The Prince of Darkness orders his servants to take her away.
Music changes.
Isabel is labouring over building a wall, as the 3 servants watch, and make sure she works. It is very hot, and she has no energy left, yet she tries to do her work. Finally, she collapses. The 3 servants try to revive her, by slapping her face. She comes to, and they try to put her back to work. The Prince of Darkness comes in, and orders her to continue working. She is unable to work anymore, and she pleads for mercy. He laughs. Some how, the ring that the Prince of Light gave Isabel, falls out of the Prince of Darkness’ pocket. With all her strength, Isabel rushes for it, and holds it. The Prince of Darkness laughs, mocking the Prince of Light with the ring, saying that he cannot help her now. He orders the 3 servants to take her to the stocks. They put her in, and dance and make fun of her while she is in the stocks. The Prince of Light comes and asks if he could have her back. The girl is excited to see him. The Prince of Darkness laughs and says no. The Prince of Light asks to take her place in the stocks. The Prince of Darkness laughs, and says yes, for sure. The servants throw the girl out of the stocks, and they gladly take the Prince of Light to replace the girl in the stocks. They make fun of him. Isabel collapses on the other side of the stage.
Music changes.
Evil overshadows the stage. The Prince of Darkness goes to the Prince of Light in the stocks, and kills him. He is overjoyed, and he dances with his 3 servants. Isabel on the other side of the stage, is horrified. She is in total despair, and has no hope left. She cries on the side of the stage.
Music changes.
The Prince of Light overcomes death, and he gets out of the stocks. The Prince of Darkness awakes, and tries to defeat the Prince of Light again, but the Prince of Light defeats him and his servants.
Music Changes
Isabel has been watching what’s been happening, and she is afraid and excited at the same time. The Prince of Light goes to her, and he hugs her. Isabel asks if she could be his servant. The Prince of Light puts the ring back on her finger, and a new dress is brought out for her again, only this time it is even more beautiful. They dance, and he takes her away with him.