Once Upon A Time Scene 25

Scene 25

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 3 Scene 2c

Up and down, up and down,
I will lead them up and down:
I am fear’d in field and town:
Goblin, lead them up and down.
Here comes one.

[Re-enter LYSANDER]

Where art thou, proud Demetrius? speak thou now.

Here, villain; drawn and ready. Where art thou?

I will be with thee straight.

Follow me, then,
To plainer ground.

[Exit LYSANDER, as following the voice]

[Re-enter DEMETRIUS]

Lysander! speak again:
Thou runaway, thou coward, art thou fled?
Speak! In some bush? Where dost thou hide thy head?

Thou coward, art thou bragging to the stars,
Telling the bushes that thou look’st for wars,
And wilt not come? Come, recreant; come, thou child;
I’ll whip thee with a rod: he is defiled
That draws a sword on thee.

Yea, art thou there?

Follow my voice: we’ll try no manhood here.


[Re-enter LYSANDER]

He goes before me and still dares me on:
When I come where he calls, then he is gone.
The villain is much lighter-heel’d than I:
I follow’d fast, but faster he did fly;
That fallen am I in dark uneven way,
And here will rest me.

[Lies down]

Come, thou gentle day!
For if but once thou show me thy grey light,
I’ll find Demetrius and revenge this spite.


[Re-enter PUCK and DEMETRIUS]

Ho, ho, ho! Coward, why comest thou not?

Abide me, if thou darest; for well I wot
Thou runn’st before me, shifting every place,
And darest not stand, nor look me in the face.
Where art thou now?

Come hither: I am here.

Nay, then, thou mock’st me. Thou shalt buy this dear,
If ever I thy face by daylight see:
Now, go thy way. Faintness constraineth me
To measure out my length on this cold bed.
By day’s approach look to be visited.

[Lies down and sleeps] [Re-enter HELENA]

O weary night, O long and tedious night,
Abate thy hour! Shine comforts from the east,
That I may back to Athens by daylight,
From these that my poor company detest:
And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow’s eye,
Steal me awhile from mine own company.

[Lies down and sleeps]

Yet but three? Come one more;
Two of both kinds make up four.
Here she comes, curst and sad:
Cupid is a knavish lad,
Thus to make poor females mad. [Re-enter HERMIA]

Never so weary, never so in woe,
Bedabbled with the dew and torn with briers,
I can no further crawl, no further go;
My legs can keep no pace with my desires.
Here will I rest me till the break of day.
Heavens shield Lysander, if they mean a fray!

[Lies down and sleeps]

On the ground
Sleep sound:
I’ll apply
To your eye,
Gentle lover, remedy.

[Squeezing the juice on LYSANDER’s eyes]

When thou wakest,
Thou takest
True delight
In the sight
Of thy former lady’s eye:
And the country proverb known,
That every man should take his own,
In your waking shall be shown:
Jack shall have Jill;
Nought shall go ill;
The man shall have his mare again, and all shall be well.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Final Scene – Revised

(When the scene opens, LYSANDER & DEMETRIUS are asleep, both on one side of a rock. HELENA and HERMIA are asleep on the opposite sides of the stage. LYSANDER & DEMETRIUS are dreaming.)

Hermia, Hermia

Helena, Helena

(This continues while LYSANDER & DEMETRIUS are slowing coming to)

Hermia, Hermia

Helena, Helena

(LYSANDER & DEMETRIUS both half asleep, turn towards each other and feel each other’s face. They wake up instantly, yelling, and drawing their swords. They stand facing each other. The noise wakes HELENA and HERMIA up. They scream, and run towards each other, holding each other’s arms. They then remember that they are mad at each other. Helena runs to stand beside LYSANDER, and HERMIA runs to stand beside DEMETRIUS. They then realize that they are beside the wrong man. They quickly exchange men. They are all still a little dazed. Then LYSANDER and DEMETRIUS approach each other, sword in hand.

Lysander, keep thy Hermia

(confused) I will. Demetrius, keep thy Helena.

(confused) I will too.

I do not remember clear, if we have a true quarrel here.

I have my Helena (He takes Helen’s hand and brings her to his side.) Goddess, Nymph, Divine and rare, precious celestial. (He dips her for a passionate kiss.)

And I have my Hermia (He takes

’s hand, to be by his side.) Who more engilds the night than all yon fiery oes and eyes of light. (He dips

for a passionate kiss)

These things seem small and undistinguishable

Me thinks I see these things with parted eye, when everything seems double.

So methinks: And I have found Demetrius like a jewel, mine own, and not mine own.

Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.

Then all is well….

But let us recount our dreams. Me thought that….

(They all sit down, and all speaking at once they begin to try and sort it out)

(A noise of a trumpet is heard. The lovers look up to see (On video projection screen) EGEUS and KING THESEUS.)