“Heaven Touching Earth” Declaration #1

Declarations – Kat Kerr – “Heaven Touching Earth” September 26, 2013

This declaration is from “Heaven Touching Earth” conference – Day One

Click here for PDF of Declarations 1 – Kat Kerr –Sep 26

Morning declaration:

Father – You are the Most High God!

  • You’ve created the heavens and the earth, and it all belongs to You!
  • I trust You that You have plans for me, for my family.
  • You are our protector!
  • You are our provider!
  • It doesn’t matter what’s going on in this world, my trust is in You!
  • I want Your presence in my home!
  • I want You to invade every one of my family member’s life!
  • Help us to lay down our differences and stop fighting!
  • Let the world see Your love in us!
  • I ask for and receive grace for this day – fuel from heaven!
  • Thank you!