“Heaven Touching Earth” Declaration #2

Declarations – Kat Kerr – “Heaven Touching Earth” September 26, 2013

Click here for PDF of Declaration 2 – Kat Kerr –Sep 26


Invade My Life:


  • Father, You made me!
  • I come from You!
  • I am Your child!
  • Above anything else, I love you!
  • I thank you for sending Your Son.
  • He came to die, that I might have grace to be free from sin, not so I can freely sin!
  • Father, open my eyes, let me know You!
  • Give me revelation so I can help change this world!
  • Let it start in my home!
  • Remind me in the morning to declare & decree what you want for me!
  • Father we agree as the body of Christ on this earth, we want Your will done, your way, just like it is in heaven!
  • So I give you permission to invade my life, my mind, my soul, my spirit!
  • Come and take control!
  • Expose anything in me that you don’t want there –  I give you permission!
  • And Father, invade this land!
  • Let heaven come and make a habitation in this land where I live!
  • I desire to live to see the day of Your Power take place on this earth, when this country and this world will know there is a God.
  • I decree it! Amen!